Nov 29, 2018
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Walking Street Pattaya! First Drama Bar!🎂

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Comments to Walking Street Pattaya! First Drama Bar!🎂

  • I don’t know why but it bothers me when vloggers don’t look into the camera. Most seem to be doing like yourself. Just watching yourself on the screen. Anyway I enjoy your vids and keep us up to date.

    Cary Eggertson 29/11/2018 05:32
  • She's cute, but the shaved side of the head looks ghetto

    Fenrir 29/11/2018 05:46
  • Birthday Shorty could definitely get it if I was still about being JaoChoo like I was back in da day I haven’t been on Walking street in about 3 years I chill on Soi Buhkao and Beach Rd Soi 1-6 when I Come down from up north in Korat to visit friends in town there but Ive seen some dime pieces on you Videos. You focus on what matters Good Videos bro some of the other guys Shoot footage of Stick figures in desperate need of a sandwich 🥪 to eat some of those shorties need to get their weight up 😂 Good footage

    DaRealBoxingFan 29/11/2018 05:56
  • The KING of walking st 😬

    eric mepho 29/11/2018 06:38
  • No WOW for 24:20☹️

    eric mepho 29/11/2018 06:43
  • You should elevate yourself to a second floor

    James Anderson 29/11/2018 07:01
  • Do u go to office everyday? Do u have a day off? U work too much, u need a vacation baba.

    khantil makhat 29/11/2018 07:15
  • do you hear about what happins at the taboo go go bar last night it maybe get closed ?. if i can findt the artikel i send it to you keep on the good work ddm /

    wieland8 29/11/2018 09:29
  • 😀✌🙌🙌❤

    陳勝偉 29/11/2018 10:00
  • Nice puppies, I'd give her the D

    memnoch The Devil 29/11/2018 10:40
  • The Double D in your face , live every night on walking st 👍👍

    neil H 29/11/2018 10:42

    George Oshust 29/11/2018 11:33
  • Where is DRAMA BAR located DDM?

    George Oshust 29/11/2018 11:34
  • The girl @ 21:09 in blue pants, does a body good, 21:30 long hair and black shorts. why is it you can see a woman's shape much better in white shorts, or is it just me?

    Ferdinand Francis 29/11/2018 11:35
  • 5:56 WOW!

    George Oshust 29/11/2018 11:37

    George Oshust 29/11/2018 11:39
  • 7:45 Do you think they were all FREELANCERS DDM? YOU ARE THE EXPERT ON THESE THINGS! Lol

    George Oshust 29/11/2018 11:41
  • 9:47 STUNNING! As the BRUMP MARS song goes DDM "THAT'S WHAT I LIKE"

    George Oshust 29/11/2018 11:44
  • You have to be a aa because u r into big asses

    rxjenny91361 29/11/2018 11:46
  • Wow wow wow

    Ottis 29/11/2018 12:31
  • Good evening

    عبدالله الزبيري 29/11/2018 13:20
  • Hey dum dum does she know you zoom in on every ladies ass walking past😂

    Simon Curtis 29/11/2018 15:34
  • 20:20 Says It For Me Mr Media, Nice Work

    Richard Freed 29/11/2018 17:22
  • Never heard of it but fun to watch : )

    Mustafa Ali 29/11/2018 18:57
  • Good video as always.

    Jeffrey Lowe 29/11/2018 19:10
  • happy birthday! Q

    masked mofo 30/11/2018 05:09
  • If you see here tell her Happy birthday from DJ and that she is looking fine that I'm singing in my head Michael Jackson's you knock me off my feet baby 💘 🙂

    D J 30/11/2018 05:47
  • Pattaya the las vegas of the south east Asia.

    Junior 30/11/2018 13:38
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