Jun 22, 2018
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THINGS TO DO IN PHUKET THAILAND – Live Sex on Bangla Road, Phuket Old Town, Kata Beach

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We spent one day searching for the best things to do in Phuket Thailand! Although we were surprised to find live sex shows on Bangla Road, we can highly recommend the area for a dose of crazy Phuket nightlife. Our favorite things to do in Phuket Thailand were exploring the beautiful Phuket Old Town and catching an amazing sunset on the world renowned Kata Beach.

So you only have one day in Phuket Thailand? Look no further, here is your one day in Phuket travel guide which includes the 3 best spots in Phuket. Spend your morning exploring Phuket Old Town with a latte in hand as old town is home to a wide variety of hip cafes and coffee shops. Walk around Phuket Old Town’s colorful and historic streets while snapping some of the best instagram photos of your trip. There is also a ton of street art that you shouldn’t miss while exploring Phuket.

Next stop is to visit what has been called the best beach in Thailand by many travelers, sun lovers, and beginner surfers alike. Unlike it’s neighbors Karon Beach and Patong Beach, Kata Beach is a little less crowded while still offering great Phuket attractions like parasailing, surfing and sun bathing. After an afternoon of soaking in the sun, this Southern Thailand beach is particularly great for watching the sunset light up the sky with pink and purple hues. The sun sets right beside a limestone rock formation making this a must-see sunset destination while exploring Phuket.

Last but certainly not least we recommend soaking in a one of a kind Patong nightlife experience by walking on Bangla Road. Also called Patong Walking Street, live sex on Bangla Road is a popular Phuket attraction that we stayed as far away from as possible. There are promoters lining the streets inviting you to watch the best ping pong show, which is something we can’t even fathom. If you decide to partake in this part of Thailand’s dark nightlife, more power to you, but either way it’s something you just can’t miss. You’ll be happy to have went to Patong Beach and said “I did it”… and you’ll have a lifelong story to tell, especially if it’s your first time in Thailand!

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Comments to THINGS TO DO IN PHUKET THAILAND – Live Sex on Bangla Road, Phuket Old Town, Kata Beach

  • Ask a US Sailor what is the most popular sport in Thailand and most likely you will hear "PING PONG"!

    David Blackwell 22/06/2018 19:10
  • Another dad story. Fields Ave. Girls would cut bananas with you know what! So yes the ping pongs shot out!

    Buanger’s Squad 22/06/2018 19:49
  • ive dumped a bike in phuket to,i was really lucky like you, but have seen way more bad .great vlog you guys. x

    James Leach 22/06/2018 20:14
  • My favorite place, and favorite island! Phuket is awesome, and so glad to see you two enjoying Kata Beach. Phuket has so many amazing beaches, and I have been lucky enough to see most of them. There is also a great weekend market in Phuket Town, and the viewpoint overlooking Phuket is another great place to visit. I am also sure you will make it up to the Big Buddha, which is one of my favorite places to look around the island. It is a crazy place to ride a motorbike, so sorry to hear you went down on the bike, Ryan, I have seen so many crashes in SE Asia, and especially on that island! Keep up the great videos and I am going to have to find you two on Instagram so I can see more.

    Jay Dollarhide 22/06/2018 21:23
  • nice keep cool eat ice lol

    rietzoom 22/06/2018 21:56
  • Now you got me curious about that ping pong thing 😝

    LETZUPLOADIT 22/06/2018 21:59
  • It seems to me, Stacia is still scared after the bike accident. The dirty shows are scam for tourist .Ping Pong Girl has to shoot the ball from her pussy, 3 points(NBA) and some girl can take off the razor blade chain from … you know that. This is ThaiGirl Got Talent ;)OMG she said that!Dick,pussy show 🙂 Here Stacia before accident 🙂 555. Ryan you know how to make her happy. Good choice for green(military)bag. Cool and Chic.

    Kongrit Yamsopa 22/06/2018 22:35
  • You guys rock ….

    mc drone 22/06/2018 23:18
  • Another awesome episode guys. Thanks.

    Matt Scott 23/06/2018 00:24
  • The famous " Bangla Road " … its really a crazy place. did a 2 minute video myself.

    levi liwanag 23/06/2018 02:29
  • Kuta beach in Bali is the widest i have seen

    kayleia23 23/06/2018 02:41
  • You two are fun to watch. I'm happy that your having so much fun.

    John Fink 23/06/2018 04:42
  • I'm in Thailand now and your Chatuchuk market episode will help as I haven't been there in 5 years. Stacia is gorgeous and super sweet, lucky dude to have a wife like that… Super rare combo

    ositofreitas 23/06/2018 07:10
  • Any chance of bringing a hyperlapse back into the vlogs? I am reading for that next level editing. Stacia, I am REALLY concerned for your health, you have already been hit by a car; now ryan is crashing motorbikes…. Please stay far away, haha. Anyway, I enjoy the vlogs, cant wait until you get back to Philly.

    Greg Youngers 23/06/2018 12:28
  • Another awesome video form my favorite traveling couple. I rely like your color grating of your b-roll. And because you back I Philly, was talking about the 10-18, I just made my first vlog (danish) with the sense. AND what a different the kame and also, I think the IS is much better than in the kit-lense. 😀

    Catarina DK 23/06/2018 15:50
  • Phuket huh? lol hmmmmm….That beach tho looked awesome

    Amen Panesar 23/06/2018 16:07
  • view…cyber tourist

    Chandan Singh 24/06/2018 01:51
  • wow…cks…..wow

    Chandan Singh 24/06/2018 01:52
  • Be careful guys when driving or biking in Phuket. A British friend of mine lost his brother in a bike accident in Phuket. You drive responsible but others don't.

    Narumon _BB 24/06/2018 15:26
  • Ugh, I do miss Phuket. Thailand will always have a place in my heart, this vide is just bringing it all back. Great stuff guys! Love the cinematic montages, and the music. Great stuff, keep it up! Consider us subscribed, can't wait to follow along and see what's next!

    Adam – Citizens of Everywhere 24/06/2018 17:56
  • are you using any gadget to get you around your way there?

    Ray Roxas 25/06/2018 12:43
  • So glad you went to my hometown! My family has roots in Phuket extending back into the 1950's and my great-grandfather and his descendants had an old house on Thalang Road (the road where the Sunday Walking Street Market is located, you guys might have walked on it in your Old Town excursion!) and it's now a cute little coffee shop.

    Great vlog as always; wish you guys were there longer, Phuket really is an amazing place!

    Poon SINGHATIRAJ 25/06/2018 18:35
  • On In n out burger sucks Beverly Hills is amazing I send you a video so you can post this video on YouTube https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2b9FhUkgWYs

    Senpai 26/06/2018 14:41
  • You guys didn't go to Cloud 9 at Siargao while in the Philippines? It's like the surfing capital of the Philippines.

    Jon Mag 26/06/2018 16:12
  • To answer your question about ping pong show, yes your guess was correct. 😅 not something you wanna see trust me.

    RoNG RoNG 27/06/2018 08:06
  • Wow wonderful videos 💖💘💖💘

    Fight Fish Daily 29/06/2018 15:52
  • Nice vid 🙂

    GodBass You 02/07/2018 12:06
  • We're on our way to Phuket , to explore the city. Phuket is an Island , it isn't a city. Lol

    cloudzinmyize 03/07/2018 08:56
  • Another fun video! Did you ever figure out or see what the ping pong show was? Looks like Revolution Ave back in the day. 😂😉

    Carlos León 03/07/2018 23:52
  • Outstanding post

    phiphi _tours 04/07/2018 00:11
  • In case you guys haven't noticed yet, I'm playing catch up today. I'm almost there…. Ryan I can only imagine what it must be like driving from the left side, especially after not driving at all for months. Even Stacia looked nervous…. 🙂

    Fishing Buddy 360 04/07/2018 13:00
  • Another amazing video form my favorite traveling couple!! the way you edit the vlog its awesome!

    GamersGeek 06/07/2018 01:44
  • That b-roll edits are amazing bro!

    Caranthir Romanoff 14/07/2018 20:05
  • Hi i am karanveer any girl talk to me any topic call me my cell no 7009890561

    Garry Singh 27/07/2018 00:22
  • Since you dropped the lens off in Bangkok and it took longer than expected, how did you get it back? Were you able to update your shipping address and have it sent to a hotel?

    zmgreene85 27/07/2018 03:38
  • lucky phone 7:56

    FreeDom 05/08/2018 02:48
  • It can't be too hot and wild for my taste but when it's done to pull out the most money from tourist pockets, it's certainely down shift the fun of it. Probably why there are more people outside than inside. As for beaches, i hope there are a few long enough to find spots to enjoy naked even if Thailand is a retarded country on that matter. Found some that are supposed to be on Google and someone i know gave me the name of one. Hope it still the case. All over tanning is great and freedom is fun., Wet tissu on skin sucks. And with the stupid anti smokers laws on popular beaches, secluded ones should solved the problem on less and less freedom in the world. I do fine with my home made scooter in Republic dominican traffik. Hope it will be the same for Thailand and surrounding countries.

    Mathieu Tallard 23/08/2018 05:58
  • At 3:55 is the beat shot of this video 🌹

    Mansoor Bloushi 29/08/2018 22:17
  • You guys built up the sunset and then. ..nothing. you are like, wow that was a great sunset. Dude, what the heck? Lol

    yadaroni 03/09/2018 15:19
  • I am glad that some one has actually notice the Phuket traffic speed at rush hour.
    I noticed it 10 years ago when i 1st went to Phuket. It is insane!!! I have been telling everyone about it .
    I call it the Phuket Grand Prix. I love it !!! You either do or don't.

    paul okumu 09/09/2018 19:38
  • Hello Stacia and Ryan, I like all your videos, it's a pleasure to look at them each time. Could you tell me which camera are you using at 3min40, to capture so much nice quality pictures and colors? Stay safe 😉

    Delden75 11/09/2018 00:28
  • So did you guys not see the Ping Pong show?!?! We saw it last time we were here and I should tell you, PETA would have a huge problem with those girls! lol

    Ryan Schneider VLOGS 13/09/2018 13:38
  • 😍😍😍👍👍👍

    Kevin Hang 16/09/2018 21:44
  • lol 6:12 if u don't want to get your phone broke this is they way hahaha

    عرب بتكوين 27/09/2018 07:28
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