Jan 27, 2018
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Patong Nightlife, Phuket – Vlog 216

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Patong Nightlife, Phuket – Thailand Vlog 216

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    A video of a fun night out at Bangla Road, Patong. This video is the first of 3 parts and starts at 9,30pm…

    Bangla Road is the centre of nightlife for the popular Thai holiday destination that is Phuket.

    It’s a great place for bar hopping, with many regular bars, beer bars, gogo bars, live music bars and nightclubs all on one street!

    There are lots of touts around, but if you walk with a beer in hand or a camera then generally they leave you alone.

Parts of this video include:

0:04 Entire night video preview
4:33 Leaving Sea Cono hotel, walking down Soi Sansabai to PS hotel restaurant
7:49 Ps Restaurant, nice affordable chicken green curry
9:31 Approaching Bangla Road, plenty of durian and fresh seafood available
12:02 Oscar Live Sports Bar, table dancing ladies
15:25 Bangla Road breakdancing
16:25 Crazy Horse Circus bar, one of my favourites in Patong and a must visit
18:55 Outro

Additional Comments:

I want to show more footage from the bars in Patong, but can’t due to the SJWs that currently run YouTube. Consider being a member of the Bkk112 Patreon site to see this footage.

https://twitter.com/bangkok112/status/941911853453606913 This tweet shows many age-restricted or yellow icon Bkk112 Patong videos that were made in the past. It’s not my choice, it’s just the way the land lies now…

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1st song
Jesse Warren – Miles Above You [Creative Commons]

Music provided by Argofox

2nd song
Wild Nothing- Rheya [FULL COVER!]


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Comments to Patong Nightlife, Phuket – Vlog 216

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    * Best Thai Dating Site: https://tinyurl.com/y9bwbt8b
    * Patong updated hotel guide: http://bangkok112.com/patong-best-hotels-15-40-night/
    * Latest Post on the Bkk112 website: https://tinyurl.com/y82cch8k
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    Thanks for watching and have a great day! 🙂

    Bangkok 112 27/01/2018 16:59
  • 4:07 her hands hahaha

    Rômulo Rodrigues 30/01/2018 01:17
  • Seen nothing but ugly ugly so called girls. rejects of thailand. nothing of any quality whatsoever. it's known that the westerners for the most part take the jokes n dregs n utter trash so called girls that the thai man give them n Marry them as well. thais r laughing at the westerners as they parade around hand in hand with utter trash n lowest way of talking so called ladies. complete joke. trash of thailand on offer in patong n pattaya. as is in Angeles Philippines too. but there are some cuties if you look hard enough but 99.999% of westerners prefer the reject trash of asia. haha, what a bunch of jokers.

    ENOCH 30/01/2018 04:44
  • I'm actually glad that youtube warned or took down your bikini videos because you have a large enough following to bring attention to that bullshit and possibly change it as it affected me and prevented me from making decent money on here and living in Thailand the past few years. 3 years ago YouTube did the same to me. I had ladyboys in Pattaya in a room wearing skimpy outfits but no private parts or nips or anything showing, just daisy duke shorts and stuff and I had one shake her booty while wearing these shorts. I purposely paid them to make the video as I knew it would get views. YouTube removed it after I started getting a few thousand views each day and titled it "inappropriate content". It was really no different than the videos you show other than the fact that they were in a hotel room and not outside. I guess the bed they were sitting on implied something sexual to YouTube. They stopped me before I ever got as big as you. Some American white girl in a bikini is apparently fine with them as theres plenty of white chicks blogging from the beaches and south beach bars on here. YouTube has been doing this for awhile and I hope you bring more attention to how f'ed up it is Bangkok 112.

    BroHomeless 30/01/2018 04:58
  • can you take more shot of ladyboys plzzz

    tunguigui 30/01/2018 11:28
  • I was surprised to hear an old Romanian song there: Matteo – Panama

    catalin luca 30/01/2018 13:01
  • 17:31 Matteo – Panama

    Fantoma Neagra 30/01/2018 13:05
  • Dude. I have the solution! You need to get a 3D cam so all of us can just build a plywood bar, crank up the heater and drink beers while wearing virtual reality glasses while sitting in our man caves. I think this is probably one of the best ideas I’ve had for a while. I can help you make the recordings, I’m just a little bit of an unreliable cameraman, missing in action every now and then for 1-2 hours. But otherwise great fun if you can find me. Deal?

    Jared Zarge 30/01/2018 14:29
  • see the girl. with glasses still there, nice 👌👍

    Mik t 30/01/2018 21:45
  • got to ask are the kebabs any good

    KEVIN CAMPBELL 31/01/2018 04:35
  • 15:58 …is that owned by Kevin Durant? lol

    Yaccs1 31/01/2018 21:07
  • One day I'm gonna find out how tight a nun's asshole is XD!!!

    Kae Pugna 31/01/2018 22:05
  • answer to your question: not a ladyboy, never seen one work that hard!

    kosamui 01/02/2018 02:54
  • I'm thinking that the dark chick at 00:23 possible ladyboy? Actual really hot women wouldn't be working at that place, wouldn't need to.

    kosamui 01/02/2018 03:05
  • Meteorite @15:45

    Ricovali 03/02/2018 10:13
  • Best part 14:00

    Sebastian Morales 04/02/2018 09:32
  • Is it me, or does Patong have better girls than Pattaya, can anyone chime in?

    Chrono 09/02/2018 08:39
  • At 19:20 she looks like a lady due to her wide hips and feminine fat gains on her glutes, lacks broad shoulders, and katoeys pretend female dance and she isn't- too sure of her nature.

    fashiontv2010 10/02/2018 09:03
  • 13:56,


    Mike V 12/02/2018 19:04
  • That's about the same price as Jackfruit here in the US where I get it why is it so expensive?

    Brian Rogers 13/02/2018 08:35
  • PS means "Porn and Speedy" Restaurant.

    E MP 19/02/2018 07:15
  • 2:06 the girl on the right is Pim I guess I have her also on Facebook and had some nice evenings with her 😉

    tribolex 26/02/2018 00:23
  • 2:30 there is the hottest Ladyboy again. You have her on another shot in front in a following video. when you asked If she is a LB or not. But when she is then she is hottest you ever spotted. The girl in front of her is also on the video. I think they are a group of 4.

    tribolex 26/02/2018 00:26
  • 13:58 Ladyboy but hot

    tribolex 26/02/2018 00:31
  • estupendo

    ABEL M. 03/05/2018 21:21
  • The Oscar sports bar seems to have lots of slim, lively dancers. Will have to have a drink or three there. 🙂

    Model Chaser 04/05/2018 12:16
  • @16:30 yowzah!

    Model Chaser 04/05/2018 12:20
  • The couple at 2:30 is the same couple in vlog 219 min mark 12:27.

    Jon von Boehm 13/06/2018 05:05
  • @12:44 The happiest guy in Patong. Looks like a young Sammy Davis Jr. lol

    marty fowler 08/09/2018 03:13
  • gracias con amor

    Edmundo Jarufe 22/09/2018 06:59
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