Oct 24, 2016
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Patong Nightlife, Phuket – Bangla Road Walk

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Patong Nightlife, Phuket – Bangla Road Walk October 2016

A video of a full walk up Bangla Road, Patong at 10pm.

Bangla Road is the centre of nightlife for the popular Thai holiday destination that is Phuket.

It’s a great place for bar hopping, with many regular bars, beer bars, gogo bars, live music bars and nightclubs all on one street!

There were lots of touts for the bars this year, but if you walk with a beer in hand or a camera then generally they leave you alone.

This video was from early October, before the big news to hit Thailand on 13 October.

Notable bars in this video include:

0:09 Oscar Sports Bar
0:25 Red Hot live music bar
0:36 Rock Hard gogo bar
1:18 Random beer bars
1:44 Tiger Live Band beer bar complex
2:10 Free Ladyboy Cabaret show down this alley
2:20 Seduction Nightclub
2:35 Crazy Horse Circus Bar – must see (nice pole dancers)
3:25 Tiger Complex Beer Bars – must see (lots of dancing girls)
4:03 More beer bars with dancing girls
4:57 Illuzion Nightclub
5:57 New York Live Music Bar
6:46 Oculus Rift Virtual Reality games
7:19 Upstairs Agogo bar
7:37 Monsoon Live Music Bar – 49 baht Chang here on this night!
8:04 Soi Seadragon, home to most of Patong’s gogo bars
9:21 Season+ Erotic Club, ping pong show bar. Individual drinks 800+ Baht
9:50 Heroes Bar
10:22 Soi Freedom, home of many beer bars with relatively cheap prices
12:10 Sunset Bar
12:23 Aussie Bar
12:46 Kangaroo Bars 1 and 2
12:59 Pum Pui beer bar with table dancing girls, some of the nicest girls in Patong are here
13:55 Lion Live Music bar with table dancing girls
15:22 Black Rose Bar II
16:32 Bangla Road sign beach side

Additional Notes:

This video was made in early October so it was still before the high season and was relatively quiet and the drinks prices were low.

I actually don’t mind visiting Patong during the low/mid season as the bars are quieter and the hotels are much cheaper. The weather can be a lottery and nights out can potentially be a washout (as you will see from upcoming videos).

If you are thinking of booking a hotel in Patong then make sure to read this guide before booking for essential tips: http://bangkok112.com/patong-best-hotels-15-40-night/


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Comments to Patong Nightlife, Phuket – Bangla Road Walk

  • Crazy horse and Tiger are always fun!

    Quinton TV 24/10/2016 15:38
  • Who knew Ricky Martin was so popular in Phuket? 🙂

    Brad Williams 24/10/2016 15:39
  • Caption for 14.50 " For good time transfer money from ATM to LBFM " .  Good shoot as usual .

    Stephen Watson 24/10/2016 15:40
  • i banged so many women in patong i lost count..what a great spot it is

    nosey person 24/10/2016 15:48
  • 2:44 that's a ladyboy. Her dick is so noticeable. Lol.

    Daily Tech Needs 24/10/2016 16:03
  • Congrats on hitting over 100,000 subs..does google send a plaque for that?

    Steven Monash 62 24/10/2016 16:31
  • hope you liked the beer 112,i hear patong can be heavy on the wallet?more than bangkok and pattaya

    ed china 24/10/2016 17:42
  • Can't believe the sunset bar is still going strong after all these years

    Cakes MacGowan 24/10/2016 18:00
  • The average look of the girls in Phuket seem better than Pattaya

    DB Cooper 24/10/2016 18:28
  • a great video bangkok 112. very good filming. always good to see.

    Brummie Brink 24/10/2016 18:38
  • I love the pole dancer outro. I think it is a nice way to end the videos.

    TheSweetOldMan 24/10/2016 19:41
  • So you can bar fine the pole dancers and dancing girls in the beer bars?

    Brich505050 24/10/2016 20:29
  • Will be stopping here for 9 days with the wife in Jan. Will be strange going as a married man lol. Will also be in Bangkok and back to her home in Nakhon Si Thammarat.
    Would love to drink with you!

    THEAC83 24/10/2016 20:42
  • 14:32 even religious muslims like being titillated… meaning everyone really does deep down

    evov monbly 24/10/2016 21:09
  • insert caption: "tone deaf"

    Ivan Zupancic 24/10/2016 22:51
  • Another great vid mate. Congrats on 100k subs 112. Well deserved.

    Bugsy Smith 25/10/2016 05:02
  • Pattaya vs Phuket?

    stylz1 26/10/2016 04:40
  • Do you know why live music is being played there, but is still banned in Pattaya????

    James Elliott 26/10/2016 04:53
  • "Have a perv" haha.

    stylz1 26/10/2016 05:05
  • @Bangkok 112
    Sir, What do you mean by Freelancers? They've got their own bars somewhere?

    Mansoor 26/10/2016 09:46
  • How much in US is it to spend 1 hr with a girl? Also, is kissing the girl allowed?

    Andre Normand 26/10/2016 20:53
  • Very cool 🙂

    Jeff D 26/10/2016 23:19
  • hi, love ur video's, would like if u could do a review of Pink bar in the tiger complex & Smiley bar both on Bangla road, i thought they were ok, i'd like to here ur opinion on them, look forward to seeing what u have to say about them, cheers 112

    richie rourke 27/10/2016 03:54
  • I believe I have seen you use the term the low season a couple of times, when is the low season, and when is the high season, and do the prices of things change between them. Food, girls etc.

    monster fan 29/10/2016 01:11
  • Is the original Tiger complex gone now ?

    Conor O Keeffe 29/10/2016 06:17
  • I just left Phuket it was amazing

    Lushrex 01/11/2016 04:35
  • 2:36 – that's me trying to shake off a sticky one that won't let go

    Hitch 11/11/2016 06:07
  • How hard is it to find decent boobs?

    gunthreadadapters.com 10/01/2017 06:42
  • 6:30 first one one the left, seems like she's seen some weird stuff that she won't be able to sleep from, lol.

    Dave 09/10/2017 15:01
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