Mar 29, 2017
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Bangkok Nightlife, Street Scenes, Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, and other stuff – 2017 4K HD

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Located in Sukhumvit Soi 4, Nana Plaza is Bangkok’s naughty central, notorious for its racy themed go-go bars. It’s three stories of eye-popping activity all focused around a square-shaped central atrium. Unlike at the better-known Soi Cowboy or Patpong, Nana Plaza is a ‘more adult’ scene. That means no families, no markets and few curious tourists strolling in for a look. It is a popular venue for those in the mood for an exotic visual experience, and something extreme to talk about when back home.

Walking down Soi 4 from Sukhumvit Road, you’ll know you’re approaching Nana Plaza when you spot the line of street vendor carts preparing an array of weird and wonderful bites. These include ‘som tum’ (spicy green papaya salad), ‘kai tod’ (charcoal-grilled chicken) and fried insects, among other odd delicacies – comfort food for the bargirls who mostly hail from Thailand’s northeastern Isaan Province.

Greeting you when you pass beneath the monstrous ‘Nana Entertainment Plaza’ entrance sign is a mass of glowing neon signs, yelling at you from all directions. Shouting even louder than the neon is the intriguing cast of upfront characters who will try and accost you. Despite appearances, it’s all light-hearted and unthreatening. On the ground floor are mostly open-air beer bars to choose from. The shows and the A Go Go Bars like Lollipop, Pretty Lady and Red Lips are located on the first floor. Staff here will step into your path and will try to drag you in for a look with a wicked laugh.

Separated by a mere kilometre of prime Bangkok real estate in an area sometimes referred to as the farang ghetto, the neon jungles of Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy remain Bangkok’s top bar areas for foreign men. Every night Western residents of the city and visitors from every corner of the globe flock to the two popular Sukhumvit Road bar areas which are experiencing something of a renaissance.

The 100-metre or so long strip that is Soi Cowboy dates back to the late ’70s when an African American known as “Cowboy” Edwards – because of the cowboy hat that seemed to be permanently glued to his head – opened a bar on a quiet soi not far from the Asoke intersection. More bars set up and the soi became known as Soi Cowboy.

Nana Plaza, the 3-storey horseshoe shaped shopping centre has been around just as long, but not always in the guise of a bar area. Nana Plaza Entertainment Plaza was once Nana Plaza Shopping Centre, popular with visitors from the Middle East. In the early ’80s restaurants offering Western food opened up, bars followed and it slowly evolved into a bar district. By the ’90s Nana Plaza had fewer restaurants and more bars, including many of the chrome pole variety.

Both Nana Plaza and Cowboy have legion of supporters who are passionate about their favorite bar area.

They may each operate using the same formula, a mix of gogo bars featuring Thai ladies from a rural background chasing the dream of riches by dancing around poles scantily clad, and beer bars with more comely ladies who sit and chat with the punters, eager to be chosen for take out.

Each bar area has its fan club, and there are some who refuse to visit the other area. For some the bar scene is such a big part of their life that the rivalry between the bar areas – where they are but a paying customer – is as great as the most fierce sporting rivalries – think Liverpool and Manure, oops, I mean Manchester United.

In terms of the number of bars in each bar area, there’s not much in it with each bar area home to 30+ bars. In terms of the number of girls employed, I’d say Nana Plaza has more girls and there are more big bars with a high number of girls. On a busy night, Nana Plaza’s Rainbow 4 might have close to 200 girls.

Each bar area has a couple of bars that stand out from the rest, in the number of ladies dancing, or the size of the bar, or perhaps both. In Nana Plaza you have the Rainbow group with all of the Rainbow venues featuring many pretty ladies. In Soi Cowboy you have Baccarra which would challenge Rainbow 4 for the crown of the busiest gogo bar in all of Bangkok, perhaps the country. Both are goldmines. With girls from the same background, it’s hard to say one of these bars has prettier girls than another.


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  • 11:58 I've made some new friends and they took me to dinner. You seems forgot wrote "for my money" lol It's so typically, bcuz almost every chick as a rule to gather a large bunch of her girlfriends, to that her boyfriend-farang paid for the whole that crowd. xD

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